Oberle Sausage
This is our world famous hickory smoked summer sausage. This recipe has been perfected over the last 140+ years.  $6.49/lb
Garlic Cheese
Our own recipe of blended cheeses that goes perfect with the Oberle Sausage and a cracker. We are one of the very few still making garlic cheese.  $3/roll
Smoked Pork Tenderloin
This delicious tenderloin is smoked all day with local hickory wood and just melts in your mouth.  $7.95/lb
This a new product that we recently started making. It is a delicious ham sausage that goes great on crackers.  $5.79/lb
Party Trays
Price - $30 for sm (serves 15 people) or               $40 for lg (serves 20 people)
A perfect assortment of our Oberle Sausage, Pork Tenderloin, and Garlic Cheese.  Combine one of our trays with a box of crackers and you are set for any occasion.  Substituting is subject to additional charge.
Oberle Wieners
This ready to eat home made hotdog is half beef and half pork. They are great right out of the package or you can heat them up.  $6.79/lb
Snack Sticks 
This is the same meat as the Oberle Sausage just stuffed into a smaller casing.  These are all natural beef sticks unlike your typical shelf-stable, acid-filled slim jim.  They make for the perfect snack.  $11.89/lb  (about $2/pack)
Beef Jerky
This jerky is smoked over 16 hours to perfect its rich hickory smoked flavor.  With just a light seasoning added, the smoke provides most of the flavor.   $27/lb
Other Notable Favorites
We also make  head cheese, liver sausage, blood sausage, brats, pork sausage, cajun sausage, bacon burgers, and a variey of kabobs that are all available in our retail store.